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"Crime fiction confirms our belief, despite some evidence to the contrary, that we live in a rational, comprehensible, and moral universe."
P. D. James
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Hyperkill A Pirates of Khonoë Novel

Murder at Mount Vernon
Founding Fathers Mysteries #1

At Mount Vernon in March 1789, retired General George Washington must decide whether to accept the Presidency of the United States or to retire gracefully from the national stage as promised. The murder of one of his slaves and the efforts of his powerful adversaries stand in the way of his decision. He must overcome his political opponents and his increasing anguish at owning slaves on his journey toward honor and justice. The decisions he must make on this journey threaten the very future of the new nation as well as the people that depend on him. It will take all of the General's experience and leadership to win his most deadly battle yet.

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The Blockchain Killing

The reclusive CTO of a secretive blockchain startup discovers that his lover has been murdered in Pakistan, where she was living with her parents during the pandemic. Working remotely, his investigation leads him down some very dark paths on the web, where he confronts both his government customers and a global conspiracy to upend the world's financial systems in a libertarian revolution.

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Death of a Golden State

Colonel Chastity Silver, Chazz to her friends, takes over as Chief of Staff of the Army National Guard of California. Expecting to finish her military career shepherding bureaucratic paperwork between Staff colonels with the occasional excitement of a procurement scandal, she stumbles onto a plot to stage a military coup that will take the Golden State out of the Union as an independent country. Her fighting instincts kick in as she struggles to find a way to block the plotters, but she finds herself on the run with little time left on the clock. She faces a fight-or-flight decision: find a way to mount a counter-coup, or let the Golden State die.