Death of a Golden State

A Political Thriller

Forthcoming book cover

Colonel Chastity Silver, Chazz to her friends, takes over as Chief of Staff of the Army National Guard of California. Expecting to finish her military career shepherding bureaucratic paperwork between Staff colonels with the occasional excitement of a procurement scandal, she stumbles onto a plot to stage a military coup that will take the Golden State out of the Union as an independent country. Her fighting instincts kick in as she struggles to find a way to block the plotters, but she finds herself on the run with little time left on the clock. She faces a fight-or-flight decision: find a way to mount a counter-coup, or let the Golden State die.

Death of a Golden State is a standalone political thriller that explores the potential outcomes of the polarized and militant political environment in the United States and the potential for the intervention of military force to support autocratic political change.

Author Robert J. Muller

Robert J. Muller has lived in the Golden State most of his life and has a PhD from MIT in Political Science, finally put to some use. Go Bears!

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