Murder at Mount Vernon

A Founding Fathers Mystery

Murder at Mount Vernon book cover

At Mount Vernon in March 1789, retired General George Washington must decide whether to accept the Presidency of the United States or to retire gracefully from the national stage as promised. The murder of one of his slaves and the efforts of his powerful adversaries stand in the way of his decision. He must overcome his political opponents and his increasing anguish at owning slaves on his journey toward honor and justice. The decisions he must make on this journey threaten the very future of the new nation as well as the people that depend on him. It will take all of the General's experience and leadership to win his most deadly battle yet.

Murder at Mount Vernon is a historical mystery that tells the story of a man confronted with conflicting duties and powerful adversaries who takes a moral journey toward two fateful decisions: whether to abandon his long-sought retirement for the Presidency, and how to free his slaves.

“The black face, sightless, stared up at me, cold and dripping in the thin March light. I was on one knee in the mud next to the icy Potomac River, examining the damage to the head.”

Readers' Views

"A nicely crafted mystery blending historical and fictional characters with a clever twist at the end."
"Great story, well written, and seemed quite authentic. It is obviously well-researched and believable, though clearly fiction."
"Colonel Humphreys presents a strident voice and conscience for abolition while Washington is more concerned with Federalism and unity based on the new constitution."
D R Oestreicher

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