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"For me, choosing between fiction and nonfiction is really only about picking the right tool for the job."
Colson Whitehead
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Hyperkill A Pirates of Khonoë Novel

Database Design for Smarties: Using UML for Data Modeling

Whether building a relational, object-relational, or object-oriented database, database developers are increasingly relying on an object-oriented design approach as the best way to meet user needs and performance criteria. Database Design for Smarties teaches you how to use the Unified Modeling Language, a standardized graphical design language, to develop and implement the best possible design for your database.

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Productive Objects

Many new software project managers see projects as a set of tasks. More experienced managers see projects as tasks, resources, and dependencies, the sort of thing you find in project management software. In reality, projects are systems. Productive Objects shows you all the things that make up a project system and gives you the tools and metrics you need to manage one project or a thousand projects. It helps you to understand not only the structures of a project but also the relationships between those structures: processes, plans, schedules, budgets, and people.

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