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"Fiction has to be plausible. All history has to do is happen."
Harry Turtledove
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Cover for Hyperkill - A Pirates of Khonoë Novel

Pirates of Khonoë #1

Pavan Khadorov is knee-deep in pirates. When the spy infiltrates space raiders, his mission veers into a struggle for power. A group of children forms a collective Mind controlling access to hyperspace. They cause all kinds of trouble—and create opportunities for the wicked. Pavan pragmatically makes a romantic alliance with the alluring corsair Dellatrix Devdan. Before he knows it, this gambit sweeps his wife Margona into the chaos. This crisis engulfs the pirate planet Khonoë, and Pavan, Margona, and the kids need a miracle to make it off the planet alive.

Cover thumbnail for The Menmenet Series Box Set

The Menment Series Box Set

Three thrilling mystery adventures in a very different San Francisco colonized by the Egyptian Empire. The trilogy follows Shesmu, a celebrity chef, and his girlfriend Cheryl MacIntyre, an American immigrant homicide detective, through thrilling adventures with murder, money, mystery, metaphysics, romance, and ultimately war with the United States, Russkaya Amerika, and the surrounding First Peoples nations.

Cover thumbnail for The Jackal of Inpu - Menmenet #1

The Jackal of Inpu
Menmenet #1

Tomb Raider meets Tales of the City. Cheryl MacIntyre thinks Nekhen’s wife Neferaset murdered the celebrity chef, but when she investigates, she’s suspended from the medjau. Shesmu za-Akhen, Neferaset’s lover, knows she didn’t murder her husband, but he can’t prove it. Shesmu and MacIntyre both pursue ma’at but strike sparks over Neferaset. The flames ignite an attraction between the two, but the murder and Neferaset get in the way. Tomb robbery, murderous attacks, and ancient treasure force them into worlds that threaten not just their love but their careers, their lives, and even their souls.

Cover thumbnail for The Lion of Bastet - Menmenet #2

The Lion of Bastet
Menmenet #2

In a very different San Francisco, Cheryl MacIntyre, a homicide detective and her chef partner Shesmu follow the money amidst gangsters and temple priests dead set against them finding it. Then things get truly savage. MacIntyre needs to save her friend Henutsenu from the Temple of Bastet’s charges of sacrilegious murder. Shesmu must help a family friend avoid jail for tax evasion and money laundering. They confront corrupt police, angry Aztec and Russkaya Amerika gangsters, and vengeful temple priests. MacIntyre risks her career, and Russians bomb Shesmu’s restaurant. As the dangers multiply, the pair must fight for their own lives.

Cover thumbnail for The Bull of Mentju - Menmenet #3

The Bull of Mentju
Menmenet #3

MacIntyre and Shesmu search for their true roles in life while uncovering and fighting a vicious plot against their North American Remetjy republic, as forces from the United States, Russkaya Amerika, the several First People’s nations, and their own country converge in a North America riven by cultural and political chaos. 

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