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Pirates of Khonoë #1

Hyperkill book cover

James Bond meets Han Solo and has a child, Peter Pan, in an interplanetary romp through hyperspace.

Pavan Khadorov is knee-deep in pirates. When the Galactic Syndicate spy infiltrates a band of space raiders, his mission veers into a struggle for power. A group of children forms a collective Mind controlling access to hyperspace. They cause all kinds of trouble—and create opportunities for the wicked. Pavan evades his genocidal Syndicate orders by kidnapping the kids, but the pirates enslave them to control Syndicate trade. As he battles both the Syndicate and the corsairs, Pavan pragmatically makes a romantic alliance with the alluring corsair Dellatrix Devdan. Before he knows it, this gambit sweeps his wife Margona into the chaos. This crisis engulfs the pirate planet Khonoë, and Pavan, Margona, and the kids need a miracle to make it off the planet alive.

Galactic genocide, crimes against humanity, brutal piracy, mutiny, developmental psychology, bad sex, and true love struggle for supremacy in this humor-filled first novel in the the Pirates of Khonoë space operas .

“Two boarding shuttles appeared from under the Ripper, carrying the boarding parties to docking ports on the big freighter. The shuttles docked, disgorging the heavily armed pirates into their prostrate victim. ...A cargo bay door opened on the freighter, and objects floated out.

'Hey, magnify that, will you?'

The servipad complied. Pavan counted six people floating toward the Ripper, then stopping at the boundary of the hypertractor reverse torus near the pirate ship, bouncing against the torus boundary until they stabilized. They did not appear to be wearing extravehicular activity equipment. They wore nothing at all. Spaced. Must be the crew of the freighter. Four men and two women.

'Sir, serious crimes of violence are in progress in--'"

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