Productive Objects

An Applied Software Project Management Framework

Productive Objects book cover

The increasing popularity of object-oriented programming languages, design methods, database managers, and other technologies has challenged software development project managers with a new set of rules. Project managers need to reexamine their standard methods for planning and controlling projects to adapt to the new rules for development. Productive Objects combines the perspectives of project management and systems theory to provide a unique look at managing object-oriented projects. Software engineers and project managers working with object technology will obtain essential tools for managing any software project and will learn how to apply those tools specifically to managing object-oriented software projects.

Productive Objects provides an integrated, cohesive system of project management that aligns directly with the technology it manages. Organized into self-contained sections, Productive Objects permits you to access the project management objects you need. In addition, it provides examples of what to do and what not to do using real-life examples from the author's experience.

+ Provides the methods necessary to productively manage object-oriented software development
+ Contains real-world examples that illustrate how all of the different objects work
+ Consists of self-contained sections that can be referred to when the reader needs information regarding a specific aspect of project management

Productive Objects provides a system framework for managing software development projects of any kind, but especially object-oriented software projects. It serves as both tutorial and reference for all the parts of the project management system, with associated examples and metrics.

“What does it mean to see a project as a system? Why does taking the system approach to project management make sense? What are the constructive principles behind the systems in this book? How can you measure the goals of a system? Value, both external and internal, plays a key role in understanding the project system and its management and is the fundamental focus of this book. The value of the project drives the project and the people who participate in it.

Value, and its synonym quality, are what projects are all about. If there is no value to a project, no one will undertake it. You define the success of a project by the value it delivers to its stakeholders, just as you define the failure of a project as the value the project fails to deliver.”

Author Robert J. Muller

Robert J. Muller has spent over 30 years managing all kinds of software projects and studying general systems theory and its implications for management theory.

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